Many of our residents transfer to “Philip’s Place” when they have established solid sobriety to be able to transition gradually back into society. Here they have earned more privileges and have been able to accept more responsibility as well. Each resident that moves to “Philip’s Place” has begun sponsoring others and helping with the newcomer wherever possible. This house is self-governing and offers continued support upon leaving ALR. While experiencing more freedom and responsibility, residents are still required to attend 7 AA/NA meetings a week and to continue work with sponsors/staff members. At this stage of development transitional residents are allowed more responsibility by taking advantage of overnight/weekend visitation as well as providing their own transportation. Most of our transitional residents choose to make weekend visits to their respective home-towns where they obtain an “AA Home-Group” and develop new relationships with others in sobriety. All of these individuals have embraced sobriety by sponsoring others in the AA/NA fellowship. One alcoholic/addict, working with another, is the best possible insurance against taking a drink/drug; and this value is instilled in every one of our residents

Philip’s Place Mission Statement

Philip’s Place was formed to help Any Length residents in the last 4 steps of their recovery transition back into society in an economical, healthy and safe environment. Successful and happy sober residents of Philip’s Place can be a beacon to newcomers, lighting the way to lasting and quality sobriety. Any Length is dependent on residents of Philip’s Place to carry the message of permanent recovery by giving unselfishly of their time, experience and hope.

Philip’s Place is a large new home on a 2-acre lot, located in a residential community.