Life at ALR

We begin each day with “morning meditation” to set a positive tone for the rest of the day. Life at Any Length can be fast-paced. There are meetings throughout the day and evening to suit everyone’s schedules. Residents look forward to their meetings and take pride in the quality and substance they find in them. Residents go to their places of employment in the Sumter area in safe, reliable transportation. Upon returning home, you can always find good conversation and someone to listen.


Any Length offers an action-oriented program that, if followed, will not fail. Long-term recovery enables us to experience problems and setbacks and overcome them in our recovery process. In this way, we practice the principles of the program in our daily lives and thus turn what may have caused us to return to drinking and using in the past into successful sobriety. Each resident has the opportunity to stabilize and truly develop a new way of life so he or she can enjoy the success of long-term recovery. The average length of stay is 6 months to a year and residents have the opportunity of staying as long as they wish.

Men’s Program

Our men’s program maintains a census of
approximately 65 men at any given time.

Women’s Program

Our women’s program maintains a census of approximately 20 women at any given time.