We absolutely insist on enjoying life!
About Us

Enjoy the success of long-term recovery!

At Any Length we realize that recovery has no time limit. Unlike treatment with a limited stay, Any Length recognizes that each person recovers at his or her own pace. We understand that the recovery process takes time. Many successful residents found it necessary to make a serious commitment in lieu of short-term treatment alternatives. While treatment can instruct on how to recover, this is where we do recover.

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Contemporary and Comfortable Housing!

The Any Length complex, established in 1997, consists of 32 attractively furnished two-bedroom apartments. When a new resident arrives they will enter a 3-person apartment with a senior resident who is there for guidance through their first phase. Upon entering their second phase they have the option of entering a 2-person apartment with his/her own private room.

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Start your life in recovery today!

At Any Length Recovery we strive to maintain a community of motivated and inspired residents. Our community is full of people who have been to other treatment centers and been unsuccessful. Whether someone is referred by another institution or makes a self-motivated inquiry, our standard procedure for admission consists of a short, over-the-phone interview.

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